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UL ATM Certification Module (Card Reader + ATM Cards) Incl. $300 for 1st Year Maintenance:


Who is it for?

UL’s solution for testing and certification of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) offers the best approach for Acquirers, Processors, and ATM Vendors to validate and certify their ATMs connecting to the major payment networks.

Why do you need it?

All payment schemes mandate proper testing and certification before allowing ATMs to be connected to their network infrastructure. The ultimate goal of these tests is to ensure interoperability and to have an EMV-compliant, payment association-certified ATM that can perform trouble-free transactions within your payment infrastructure.

UL’s Brand Test Tool with the ATM Certification Module can be used to support you in the test and certification processes of the major payment brands.

Using UL Brand Test Tool with the UL ATM Certification Module assists you in easily and successfully performing the brand testing processes required. Through the ATM Certification Module you can test ATMs equipped with a motorized reader and security shutter.