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Global Payments Bermuda EMV Test Card Set (5xCards)


This card set was designed specifically for Global Payments to support development in Bermuda.
This set consists of five Bermudian EMV credit/debit Dual Interface (contact/contactless) cards all having Bermuda Dollar currency, Issuer Country Code of Bermuda and English-language.

This card set expires 12/2022.

Note:  Card images (at left) may not reflect current card definitions.  Please refer to product documentation for details.

Card details:
  • Test Card 01, Visa, 476173******0119, Dual Interface, Credit, No CVM
  • Test Card 02, Visa, 476173******0135, Dual Interface, Debit, Online-Only
  • Test Card 03, Mastercard, 541333******4111, Dual Interface, Credit, Offline-Capable
  • Test Card 04, Mastercard, 541333******9130, Dual Interface, Debit, Offline-Capable
  • Test Card 05, Amex, 374235*****1003, Dual Interface, Offline-Capable