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First Data DCC Dual AID EMV Test Card Set (2xCards)


An extension to the First Data™ Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) EMV Test Card Set that includes DCC EMV cards with two AIDs.

This card set is intended for customers who purchased the First Data DCC EMV Test Card Set prior to May 2018 and wish to add these new DCC Dual AID cards to their set.

Note:  Effective May 2018, Card 03 and Card 04 in the First Data DCC EMV Test Card Set were updated to be Dual AID cards, identical to the two cards in this card set. If you are purchasing the First Data DCC EMV Test Card Set, you do not need to purchase this card set as well.

This card set expires 12/2022.

Note:  Card images (at left) may not reflect current card definitions.  Please refer to product documentation for details.

Card details:
  • Test Card 01 – Visa, Dual AIDs, Australia/AUD, PAN=407264 ****** 0008
  • Test Card 02 - Mastercard Dual AIDs, France/EUR, PAN= 558257 ****** 0007