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eLearning - Contactless Payments Course

eLearning - Contactless Payments Course


The B2 Contactless Payment eLearning modules are a convenient way to learn the basics of contactless payment technology. Contactless payments are rapidly being adopted by retailers across North America and the card brands are strongly promoting the use of contactless payments for their security, speed and convenience. To help you learn about contactless payments B2 is pleased to provide you with this Contactless Payments eLearning Course.

This course includes the following modules:

  • Contactless Payment Architecture Module – This module explains how contactless technology works, what contactless readers are, what contactless form-factors there are and reviews the various contactless specifications
  • AMEX Expresspay Transaction Flow – This module explains the AMEX contactless transaction flow
  • Mastercard PayPass Transaction Flow – This module explains the Mastercard contactless transaction flow
  • Visa payWave Transaction Flow – This module explains the Visa contactless transaction flow

When you purchase this course you will also receive links to the B2 Introduction to EMV eLearning Course. This course should be reviewed first as it explains the basic EMV transaction concepts that you need to know in order to better understand the B2 Contactless Payment eLearning material.

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