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Clearent EMV Test Card Set (2xCards)


This card set is designed for use when performing User Acceptance Testing of a Clearent solution.  The card set consists of one Visa Online only Dual Interface card with online PIN and one Visa Signature contact card.

The Clearent test card set contains two EMV cards intended for use when performing User Acceptance Testing of your EMV solution connecting to the Clearent host. Each card contains a chip and a magstripe. If a card is denoted as “Dual Interface” it operates in both EMV contact and EMV contactless modes. This card was customized to Clearent’s specifications and is a subset of EMV cards from the UL UAT-USA card set.  Note:  the Clearent card numbers don’t necessarily match those of the UL UAT-USA set.

This card set expires 12/2022.

Card details:

  • Test Card 01 - Visa, 476173******0119, Dual Interface, Online Only, Online PIN
  • Test Card 02 - Visa, 476173******0119, Online Only, Signature