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B2 Touchless Dual Interface Test Card Collection (10xCards)


A collection of dual interface test cards that includes the following payment brands:  Amex, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, Visa, and Interac.  Selected from other card sets available from B2 for their contactless functionality, both credit and debit cards are represented.

As with all our other cards these are for development, testing, training, or demonstration purposes.

Card Expiry Dates (by Brand):
Amex 12/2024; Discover 12/2023; JCB 12/2021; Mastercard 12/2025; UnionPay 10/2030; Visa 12/2022

Notes: All the cards in this collection are duplicates of those found in other card sets.
Card images (at left) may not reflect current card definitions.  Please refer to product documentation for details.

Card details:
  • UAT USA Test Card 01 - Visa, 476173******0119, Dual Interface, Online Only, Online PIN
  • UAT USA Test Card 06 - Mastercard, 541333******4111, Dual Interface, Online Only, Signature
  • UAT USA Test Card 12 - Amex, 374245*****1006, Dual Interface, Online Only, Online PIN
  • UAT USA Test Card 15 - Discover, 651000******0133, Dual Interface, Online Only, Online PIN
  • USA Debit Test Card 01 - Visa, 476173******0135, Dual Interface, Global Debit, U.S. Debit, Single Funding Acct
  • USA Debit Test Card 05 - Mastercard, 541333******9130, Dual Interface, Global Debit, U.S. Maestro, Single Funding Acct
  • USA Debit Test Card 12 - Discover, 601197*****0005, Dual Interface, U.S. Debit, Global Debit, Single Funding Acct
  • UAT Flash Test Card 01 - Interac, 196730******8644, Dual Interface, English
  • JCB DI Test Card A - JCB, 356999******2211, Japan, JPY, Japanese/English, Offline PIN, Contactless EMV
  • UnionPay QP Test Card QPC1 - UnionPay, 621094***8053, Dual Interface, CHN, USD, Chinese, Credit