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JCB Acquirer EMV Test Card Set (4xCards)


This JCB Acquirer test card set consists of three Contact-Only JCB EMV cards and one magstripe-only card for fallback processing.

The cards are a combination of Japanese/English and Chinese/English language cards.

This card set expires 12/2021.

Note:  Card images (at left) may not reflect current card definitions.  Please refer to product documentation for details.

Card details:
  • Test Case 2 - JCB, 356999******2211, Japan, JPY, Japanese/English, Offline PIN
  • Test Case 5 - JCB, 356999******2211, Taiwan, TWD, Chinese/English, Online PIN
  • Test Case 7 - JCB, 356999******2211, Taiwan, TWD, Chinese/English, Offline PIN
  • Test Card 99 - JCB, 356999******2211, Fallback, Magnetic Stripe Only